Welcome to Yorica!

Yorica! is the groovy new word in deliciously natural, healthy and free-from treats.

Our fun lovin’ ICE CREAMS, FRO-YO, SHAKES, CREPES and WAFFLES are created with mother earth’s finest ingredients. Think sustainably sourced coconut and carefully selected chocolate. Think rice milk and seaweed that’s friends with the immune system. Think Yorica! All pure stuff. All the way.

The big idea behind Yorica! is beautifully simple. All recipes and ingredients are gluten, dairy, egg, nut and peanut free and without an animal product in sight. Big treats and big-time toppings, like fresh fruit, cookies and delicious sauces. Health is happiness and it all starts with one mouthful. With so much yum and goodness it might just make you shout, Yorica!

We have a chilled hang-out in Soho, so why not come and see us or jump on board our movement online and SIGN UP for updates about our journey and all things Yorica!

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