About Yorica!

We’re a friendly, curious bunch. Always learning, growing and creating fab free-from treats for everyone. Free-from means freedom. Simple. So everyone’s invited to indulge without worry. All recipes and ingredients are free from gluten, dairy, egg, nut and peanut free and all entirely vegan. Yorica! is where the love is. From process to product. Bye-bye allergens and intolerances! It’s our outta this world, earth-bound ingredients that makes Yorica! so divine. All free-from and all certified.


See below and discover the healthy loveliness in Yorica!

Our Ingredients

The natural, good stuff that goes into every mouthful of Yorica! ICE CREAM, FRO-YO, SHAKES, CREPES and WAFFLES is carefully chosen from sustainable sources. In fact, all the ingredients we use in our yummy treats are certified and traced. If you have any questions about our ingredients or products, please email us at info@yorica.com.

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